Tuesday, 27 March 2012

dream high 2 :))

hye guys !
yeyyyy finally i had finished watching DREAM HIGH 2 :)
heeeeee such a great story ! i love it !

the casts really did a very good job, congrats !
even though the plot is not really good compared to dream high 1,
but its okay, heee dream high 2 is just special by itself :p
what i mean here is.........
there's nothing like, who is the lead actor n actress,
because i think all of them are important, all of them are the lead in this story !
all of them have different story to tell to the viewers,
n thats why i love them more than dream high 1,
but looking from story side's,
 i prefer dream high 1 more, heeeee

but dont worry ! i love BOTH ! really !
n now i'm so sad because its had end already huaaaaa ;(
i gonna miss them ! so much, huhu ;((((

n what's great about dream high 2 are
it really did made me laugh like crazy, sad n crying like crazy,
haha i'm so touched n then my tears just kept falling ^^ heee

especially the last 3 episode,
ep 14, 15, & 16 really made me crying nonstop ! :(
hahaha i'm actually started to miss that moment,

omg ! i really miss them right now :)
okay stop it, now lets hear this song :)

make sure u hear it okay !
its really amazing :) n i cried so much watching this,
it supposed to be Hae Sung & JB duet's,
but hae sung just too kind , n
she gave that song to Rian to sing together with JB instead of her,
so sad ;(( 

so DREAM HIGH 2, i give u 8 star ! hehe :)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

oh mannnn !

something's wrong !

apesal tenet kolej tak leh nk bkak sume bnde ni !

ni pon nseb baik blog trselmat drpd kne denied !

weeeehhhhhh pehal ni !!

ak da la nk release tnsion nk tumblring !!

ttbe jd cmni plaaakkkkk =.=

mmg ak ske !!

heyyyy !!

even facebook ponnn tak lehhh, mlmpau laaaa =.=

heyy ni yg nk mngamuk ni !!

Friday, 16 March 2012

crazy night =.=

i forgot something !

mse hari rbu b4 pper ent,
ak tdo blik after stdy ps sbuh..
exam kol 2, so thats why la smpat tdo kn, haha

ak mmpi ak tak dpt amek pper exam ptg tu!
gle scary doe! huaaa rse mcm real gle mmpi tu..
mcm nk nanges je, pstu ttbe trjge...
lega sgt sbb tu mmpi =.= haishhhh

n then mlm tu pon mmpi pelik jgakkk...
apesal eh? sbb stress sgt ke?
mmpi pelik2 bagai....rsau tau !

n then kelmarin, tdo lmbt...
stdy n tgok cter korea, smpai kol 5 cm tu la..
pstu time nk tdo plakk mte tak leh lelap, haishhh
n then tbe2 trlelap,
pstu mmpi lg...kli ni mmpi kne hempap =.=
korg tau kn kne hempap tu cmne?
rse mcm bkn mmpi je, sbb b4 ni pnah kne tp time sdar..
yg ni mmpi...takleh nafas, n then tbe2 trjge trik nafas pnjg gle..
takot doe ! haisshhh =.=

so mlm smlm cter kt one of my housemate, kecha..
pstu fifi dtg tmbah cter mcm2 kt asrama dye dlu =.=
lg la btmbah imaginasi ak ni, haha
so mlm td end up tdo dgn kecha sbb tkot..haha

oke fine, tp sriously ak pnah rse kne hempap yg sgt brat n lme !
da la takleh nafas, tak leh ckp, tak leh gerak,
mte je mmpu grak..lps bce ayat2 kursi sume bru lah oke~
n ade skali tu, pnah tnmpk byg hitam lintas kt tepi after da kne tu,
huhu :( sgt mnakotkn..
da la time tu kne kt rumah, dlm blik sndiri plak tu,
tkot gle..hrmmmm

oke tu je nk cter, hrmmm
mlm ni tatau la tdo ngn spe plak, heee :)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

bakal lawyer :)

lawyer = peguam

well, i'm going to be a lawyer !
hahahaha ;p

tkjut x? kah3,
mmg TAK LA weehhh !
ak lawyer?
heh hampeh ! =.=

klo tbe2 ak trmnat nk jd lawyer tu,
mmg sah ak ni gila !
mmg ak akn ngaku kt sume org yg ak ni gila..hahaha

well act, ahd ni i'm going to sit for law paper,
of course for my final exam kaann :))

tp jgn salah phm plak,
i'm an accounting student oke !
n of course la sy ni bakal accountant kan,
tak pon bank officer ke, executive account ke,
well any job yg related to account for sure,
bkn yg brkaitan dgn LAW oke? =.=

sy ni tak phm btol la knape bdk akaun kne amik law..
=.= aigoo aigoo pning pale den tau x?
drpd contract law > agency law > employment law > partnership law > company law.
lps ni tatau ape lg =.=

nme pon bdak akaun kn,
so mmg tak kne dgn jiwa la klo bab2 mmbce n mghafal ni !
mmg ANTI gle ! huhu ;(

tp yela kan, tak kn nk bljr akaun je,
msti kne ade pngtahuan lain jgak,
mcm entrepreneurship, mrketing, statistics, n law
n byk lg la ~~~~~
so sy trime ini semua dgn hati yg trbuka..haha
act takde la trbke sgt, weeeee ^^

n anyway, i'm done for entrpreneur paper,
well i think i did my best in that paper last wednesday :) haha
so lets see if i can do well as a lawyer ?
haha hope so :) wish me luck oke !