Tuesday, 27 March 2012

dream high 2 :))

hye guys !
yeyyyy finally i had finished watching DREAM HIGH 2 :)
heeeeee such a great story ! i love it !

the casts really did a very good job, congrats !
even though the plot is not really good compared to dream high 1,
but its okay, heee dream high 2 is just special by itself :p
what i mean here is.........
there's nothing like, who is the lead actor n actress,
because i think all of them are important, all of them are the lead in this story !
all of them have different story to tell to the viewers,
n thats why i love them more than dream high 1,
but looking from story side's,
 i prefer dream high 1 more, heeeee

but dont worry ! i love BOTH ! really !
n now i'm so sad because its had end already huaaaaa ;(
i gonna miss them ! so much, huhu ;((((

n what's great about dream high 2 are
it really did made me laugh like crazy, sad n crying like crazy,
haha i'm so touched n then my tears just kept falling ^^ heee

especially the last 3 episode,
ep 14, 15, & 16 really made me crying nonstop ! :(
hahaha i'm actually started to miss that moment,

omg ! i really miss them right now :)
okay stop it, now lets hear this song :)

make sure u hear it okay !
its really amazing :) n i cried so much watching this,
it supposed to be Hae Sung & JB duet's,
but hae sung just too kind , n
she gave that song to Rian to sing together with JB instead of her,
so sad ;(( 

so DREAM HIGH 2, i give u 8 star ! hehe :)

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